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We control vibrations in building floors

We offer innovative technology for the control of vibrations in building floors without any structural modifications or additional construction materials. We use compact and lightweight Active Mass Damping (AMD) technology, mastered through years of multi-£m academic and industrial research. 

Our highly effective and efficient CALM®FLOOR dampers offer staggering reductions in vibrations caused by people walking, by far the most frequent case in practice for which floor vibration must be controlled; our numerous field trials have demonstrated vibration reductions by a factor of 10 are readily achievable! This huge reduction enables engineers to design modern, efficient and sustainable buildings with amazing long-span floors without worrying about problematic floor vibrations. 

Modern technology for modern construction

Modern slender floors in buildings use reduced quantities of conventional steel or concrete in ever lengthening open plan floor spans, or they use lightweight composite construction and materials such as cross-laminated timber (CLT). Innovative modular construction techniques in particular require much reduced weight to facilitate transportation. 

These lightweight structures are naturally prone to resonant vibrations caused by the very modest forces generated by simple omnipresent human walking; almost 50% of structural engineers surveyed in 2015 reported encountering problems with building floor vibrations during their professional life. 

Our Offer

We work with you every step of the way to manage vibrations in your floor structure. Our process is: 

1. Understand the problem

From initial concept design through to post-construction and change-of-use, whatever stage of construction your structure is, we can work with you to quantify what the current vibration performance levels are. At this stage we often work closely with our sister company Full Scale Dynamics Ltd who use state-of-the-art simulations and physical test equipment as most appropriate for your specific structure.  

2. Identify the solution

Based on a thorough understanding of the problem, we will recommend what we consider to be the best solution for you and explain to you why. If this is our off-the-shelf CALMFLOOR damper, we will provide design tools and work with you to identify how many CALMFLOOR dampers are needed and where these could be installed most effectively. For existing structures, we are happy to provide you with a demonstration of our technology so you can feel the benefits immediately for yourselves to have peace of mind before committing to our solution! We also design bespoke control systems for projects that don’t fit in our existing product line and are happy to work through this with you.

3. Provide the solution

All CALMFLOOR dampers are identical and we maintain a small stock of them for urgent enquiries and fast deployment. Higher quantities and bespoke systems are made to order and have reasonable lead time for delivery, fitting schedules of typical construction projects. Our team of experienced engineers will install and commission your vibration control solution and ensure optimum performance is achieved.

4.Maintain vibration levels

We provide internet connectivity with our products to track key performance metrics that you can view via our customer portal, providing you with peace of mind that you are demonstrably getting the vibration environment you need. We design with minimal maintenance needs in mind but also continuously track the internal functioning of all of our control systems to highlight any potential maintenance needs. If we see a potential problem we’ll come out and make sure your system works well!